Surf Sports

At Christies, we have a multiple pathways for you to learn how to be a competitive lifesaver.

There are many different competition disciplines on offer including

  • Beach events – including individual and relay running on a straight sand course and our iconic flag event.
  • Surf craft events – using our specialised racing boards and skis
  • Surf swimming – including individual and team swim races
  • Pool rescue – performing standardised rescues in pool environment  
  • Wade – a shallow water run for our juniors
  • Iron Man and Women – competitors compete of three legs – swim, ski and board
  • Taplin relay – a team version of an iron person
  • Cameron relay – a modified iron person event for juniors consisting of a run, swim, board
  • Lifesaver relay - conducted over a course consisting of a surf boat, a surf ski, a surf board, a swim and a beach sprint, with nine team members
  • March past – one of the organisations original events
  • Belt races – a swim race using the Reel and Belt
  • Tube rescue - a swim race using a rescue tube
  • IRB racing – our inflatable rescue boats crews demonstrate the techniques to perform rescues.
  • First Aid and Lifesaving – Our patrolling members demonstrate their lifesaving skills
  • R&R – Rescue and resuscitation techniques are displayed using the Reel Line and Belt.
  • Board Riding - Board riding is competitive surfing. Long and short board are used
  • Surf Boat - A boat crew consists of five competitors, four rowers and a sweep who controls the boat by use of a sweep oar and commands to the rowers. 

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